1. donnainappropriate:

    RPDR Queens in Marco Marco Collection 2 and Collection 3

    Faves ♡♡

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    Divine. Photo: Greg Gorman

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  4. dragthehousedown:

    Alaska Thunderfuck, Los Angeles, 2014

    Photo by Bella Peyser

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  6. continentcreative:

    South Sudanese model Tina J.

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    Drag Villians.

    Sharon Needles / Latrice Royale / Manila Luzon

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  9. dragqueenstryingtousestraws:


    Alyssa’s Real Secret: how to use every finger in rapid succession simply to maneuver a single straw to your mouth. 

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  10. phiphiohara:

    Serving that “I got that this” mug ^_^ plus I made the ultimate back scratchers for this shoot!!
    PHOTO BY: The forever amazing @steventrumon ((Follow him….plus he is a handsome ginger! ^_^))

    Instagram: PhiPhiOhara

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